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British Political Satire

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004 Tuesdays 11:10AM-12:25PM 48891Full

We will use the award-winning comedy series’ Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister to explore the British political system. While we will cover the nuts and bolts of the political system, the focus of this seminar is the political culture as much as the mechanics of the system. Each episode of these series’ was a well-crafted TV comedy┬ábut sought to also inform the British public about some of the less well-known aspects of the political system. As such these shows are an excellent way to get an insight into that system and have been used extensively in Britain to teach British politics. Each week we will watch one episode and then explore what happened, why and what the writers were seeking to convey to the public about the political system/culture.

Professor Information

Ian Down

Associate Professor

  • Political Science
  • Arts and Sciences
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Professor Down is originally from London, England but has been in the US many years. He teaches courses in British Politics, Western European Politics and Comparative Public Policy. His research focuses on the comparative political economy of the advanced industrial democracies and public attitudes towards the European Union.

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