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Everyday Architecture

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019 Tuesdays 9:40AM-10:55AM 46302Full

This class will use many resources to explore and reveal architecture and design in our daily lives. We spend much of our lives indoors in many different ways and too often assume these buildings, rooms and spaces are okay-perhaps, even, they are well designed? Architecture and interior design not only has an impact in shaping our personality (churches, synagogues or mosques), it offers a means to create a sustainable future through reducing energy usage and adapting technology. By first asking what architecture is, we will peel away the brick, glass and paint to reveal a vast, hidden realm. Using Internet sites, actual buildings, a professional office tour and pop culture media, such as movies, our discussions will challenge your imagination and perception of the environment. If you have a curiosity or possible interest in this field, then the class will offer insights uncovering key elements of design and how an awareness of architecture is more important than you think.

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Larry David Fox

Associate Professor

  • School of Architecture
  • Architecture and Design
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I teach beginning classes in the School of Architecture where students learn the necessary skills to shape complex architectural problems. After graduating from Auburn, I worked with E. Fay Jones, Sam Mockbee, Coleman Coker before studying with Dan Hoffman at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. In addition to architecture I paint, draw, photograph, design jewelry and furniture for various exhibitions in the US and Poland. In the spring of 2013, I taught courses at the Krakow Polytechnic as a Fulbright scholar exploring interactions of digital and traditional media.

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