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Fat Talks

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030 Thursdays 2:10PM-3PM 46313Full

Fat talks give introduction to the obesity problem the country is facing, its impact on health, the relationships of body fat and dietary fat (i.e., nutrition and obesity), and newly discovered brown fat in adult human. More importantly, we will discuss what the obesity research is about and how obesity research can lead to strategies for obesity treatment and prevention. Regardless whether you are interested in biomedical careers or not, you will find this topic relevant, informative, and interesting.

Professor Information

Ling Zhao

Associate Professor

  • Nutrition
  • Education, Health, and Human Sciences
  • E-mail

Dr. Zhao received her BM (MD equivalent) from Beijing Medical University in China in 1993 and PhD in Molecular and Biochemical Nutrition from UC-Berkeley in 2002. She joined in the Department of Nutrition Cellular and Molecular Nutrition concentration as an assistant professor in August 2009. Dr. Zhao’s research team focuses on identification and characterization of nutritional strategies for obesity treatment and prevention.

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