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The Question of God

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026 Wednesdays 12:20PM-1:10PM 46308Full

This seminar compares two different worldviews: the secular skepticism of Sigmund Freud and the religious belief of C. S. Lewis. Our primary text is Armand Nicholi’s book, The Question of God, which compares the lives and writings of Freud and Lewis. We will also read Freud’s The Future of an Illusion and Lewis’s Mere Christianity. A PBS documentary featuring Nicholi and other Freud and Lewis experts provides an engaging introduction to these influential thinkers.

Professor Information

Robert Mee

Professor of Business Analytics

  • Business Analytics and Statistics
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Robert Mee is a professor of Business Analytics and former department head, with expertise is experimental design.  Beginning in 2017 he also teaches part-time at Nankai University in China. In addition to exploring arguments for different world views, he particularly enjoys views from mountain tops!

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