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Teaching 101


UT faculty and exempt staff may apply to instruct a section of First-Year Studies 101, the one-credit course that makes a significant impact on new students’ lives by helping them become successful academically, personally, and socially from the beginning of their college careers. FYS 101 instructors are compensated for their course as outlined by their position.

First-Year Studies 101 is a one-credit course taught with a team approach by yourself and at least one undergraduate Peer Mentor. Additional teaching support is provided by the First-Year Studies staff, through resources available online, at the annual FYS 101 Conference, and on going professional development opportunities.


All applicants must have a master’s degree. Applicants must also be faculty or exempt staff status. Non-exempt staff may be eligible pending FLSA regulations pending.


Compensation varies by position at the university, generally speaking instructors are compensated $1500 for each section taught unless it is written into the position the individual holds. The stipend is taxed at the supplemental pay rate or transferred to departments for professional development use.

Instructor Resources

Instructor Requirements

FYS 101 serves as an anchor for several first-year programs and plays a critical role in UT’s persistence to graduation efforts. Our course content centers on the transition to college learning, major and career exploration, and the skills needed for success in both the classroom and beyond (particularly time  management). To ensure consistency in all FYS 101 sections, instructors must follow the requirements specified in the 2017 FYS 101 Instructor Contract. (Review contract before applying)

  1. Attend the FYS Conference on May 1st, 2017.
  2. Prepare your syllabus in accordance with the FYS 101 “common” syllabus and include the required text and assignments.
  3. Consult with your FYS 101 Peer Mentor prior to the start of classes and utilize him/her as a resource throughout fall term.
  4. Respond to requests for feedback on students via Early Alert.
  5. Participate in required University of Tennessee instructor and FYS departmental course evaluations.
  6. Prepare for and attend all scheduled course sessions (including Career Services visit, visit to the Library, etc.).


FYS 101 Instructor Application


Since 1990, the First Year Studies 101 course has had success in transitioning and engaging new students into the University of Tennessee community because of the efforts of skilled and caring educators like you.If you have questions about teaching FYS 101, please do not hesitate to contact Meagan West, Assistant Director for FYS 101 and Peer Mentors,  via email at, or by phone 865-974-3523.

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