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Prior Seminars

For more information about seminar courses and instructors, download the FYS 129 Course Book below.

Current Seminar Descriptions Spring 2014 FYS 129 Course Book Fall 2013 FYS 129 Course Book

Alcohol, Drugs, and the College Student
Taught by Jennifer Morrow

American Public Policy on TV
Taught by David Houston

Animal Research – Ethical Issues
Taught by Todd Freeberg

Architecture’s Healthy Future
Taught by David Fox

Atheism, Evolution, And Terrorism
Taught by Ben Fitzpatrick

Automatic Positive Thinking—Keys for Happiness
Taught by Debora Baldwin

Big Idols, Big Falls
Taught by Steven Waller

A Bug’s Life
Taught by Jerome Grant

Can a Robot Have a Mind?
Taught by Bruce MacLennan

Capturing Your Transition To College: Photography And PechaKucha
Taught by Anne Smith

Centenarians: Living to be 100
Taught by Bonnie Callen

Chubby, Bald, and Drooling: The Genius of Babies
Taught by Terri Combs-Orme

Cities in the Cinema
Taught by Ronald Kalafsky

Climate Change On Other Planets
Taught by Devon Burr

Crosscut Saws and Satellites
Taught by David Buckley

CSI Knoxville 1863
Taught by Robert Freeland

Death of a Planet: Eco-Themes in Science Fiction
Taught by Joanne Logan

Diamonds are Forever – Or are They?
Taught by Lawrence Taylor

Dirty jobs
Taught by Qiang He

The Dude Abides: Zen and “The Big Lebowski”
Taught by Casey Sams

Easy as Pi;, or not!
Taught by Jo Ann Cady

Energy Choices and Consequences
Taught by Harold Dodds

Fat Talks!
Taught by Ling Zhao

Food Safety, Security & Hunger
Taught by Sharon Jean-Philippe

Funny Things in Russian Literature
Taught by Stephen Blackwell

The Golden Age of Non-Idiomatic Improvisation
Taught by David Keffer

Harry Potter and Culture
Taught by Patricia Freeland

Helping Children and Youth
Taught by Melinda Gibbons

How to Argue (without yelling or punching)
Taught by Mark Harmon

How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci
Taught by Gregory Reed

Inside Tennesse Athletics
Taught by Robin Hardin

Is obesity also a problem of environmental sustainability inside our body?
Taught by Guoxun Chen

Let’s Read & Discuss John Irving’s In One Person
Taught by Mark A. Hector

Looking at Zero Dark Thirty: Story, History, Controversy
Taught by Martin Griffin

Maniacs and Psycho Killers: Myths and Realities of Mental Illness in Pop Culture
Taught by Matthew Theriot

Masquerade Party
Taught by Marianne Custer

Mathematics and Finances
Taught by Luis Finotti

Mindfulness Techniques for Academic Success
Taught by Kenton Yeager

MindGames :: designing games to change your mind
Taught by Cary Staples

One Health
Taught by Marcy Souza

Outstanding and Unresolved Questions in Particle Physics
Taught by Yuri Kamyshkov

The Physics, Biomechanics and Psychology of Basketball Shooting
Taught by Mark Fly

Taught by Beauvais Lyons

The Question of God
Taught by Robert Mee

Radio and TV Sportscasting
Taught by Norman Swan

Restoring Nature: Sustainability in the Real World
Taught by Michael McKinney

Rome in Film: The Cinematic City
Taught by Gregor Kalas

Sailing: Learn to Sail
Taught by John Tyner

Sex on Campus
Taught by Spencer Olmstead

Soccer, Media, Society
Taught by Peter Gross

Sociology and Science Fiction
Taught by Harry Dahms

Taught by Jeffrey Fairbrother

Sustainable Transportation in the US and Abroad
Taught by Christopher Cherry

That IS So Gay: LGBT Images in Pop Culture
Taught by Donna Braquet

Truth, Justice, & Superheroes
Taught by Stergios Botzakis

Taught by Carol Harden

Walking & Cycling: Life without a Car
Taught by Eugene Fitzhugh

Watching TV
Taught by Bob Legg

What’s the 411? Social media in today’s world.
Taught by Trena Paulus & Jean Derco

Why Some People are Healthy and Others are Not: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?
Taught by Paul Erwin

The Yes, Minister Guide to British Politics – The British political system and culture through TV Comedy
Taught by Ian Down

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