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Transition Coaching

The First-Year Studies Transition Coaches provide a range of services to students including

  • Coaching and follow up sessions for students identified on Early Alert
  • Teaching transfer 101 seminar
  • Advising and coaching students in transition at UT
  • Referring students to appropriate departments and advisors

Which students are considered “in transition”?

  • Students moving from Volunteer Bridge to UT
  • Students transferring to UT who were not admitted to the college of their choice
  • Students who no longer meet major requirements and are required to switch colleges
  • Students who are interested in changing colleges

Transition coaches are here to help. Feel free to contact Stephanie, Frank or Nicole to talk through your transition time at UT. Some students may only need to meet with a coach once to solidify plans and others may want regular meetings and check-ins. No two coaching sessions are the same. Contact our transition team coaches today.

To make an appointment, click the button below to log into GradesFirst via MyUTK, select the appointments button, then academic coaching, then transition coaching, and finally, select the coach of your choice and location (Greve). If you have any trouble making an appointment, contact us at (865) 974-3523, and we’ll walk you through the process.

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Making the transition from high school to college can be a fun and exciting, yet stressful time. One of the major stressors we see in first-year students is that they don’t often know how to study in college. Don’t be afraid to ask one of the transition coaches for help! Read this quick Wall Street Journal article on studying to learn more. – Nicole Jones

Design thinking is not just for the tech world, but also has useful applications for designing your life. The design thinking approach advocates such things as “bias to action” and “wayfinding,” two actions that are all about moving forward from where you are. If you are doubtful or little lost have a listen and start designing your life today. Listen to the NPR podcast. – Frank Benefield

Okay, this doesn’t happen often but according to research the “old way” of taking notes, pen and paper, is the best way. The article outlines the effectiveness of handwriting notes versus typing notes on laptops and as it turns out we process and retain information better when we handwrite our notes. Go longhand, its the best way! Read more. – Frank Benefield

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