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The First-Year Studies Office (FYS) is devoted to ensuring a smooth transition to UT and a successful experience for all first-year students. The goal of FYS is to help students transition—personally, socially, and academically—to life at the University of Tennessee. Effectively making these transitions in the first year is crucial to success at UT, graduation, and future achievement.

To facilitate your successful adjustment to college, FYS offers a number of courses and programs for first-year students. In addition to FYS 100, a required online course that takes place over the summer, we strongly encourage you to enroll in other first-year courses that take place during the fall and spring. There is a course for everyone. Work with your advisor to decide which one is right for you.

Feel free to navigate through the website to learn more about our programs and courses. If you have any questions, send us an e-mail.

Mission – To work in partnership with students, staff, and faculty to accomplish more successful transitions for all students.

We believe the key to student persistence and success is supporting students through the many transitions they encounter during their UT experience.


  • Empathy – Our work responds to the lived student experience.
  • Authenticity – Our work requires deep internal scrutiny through data and dialogue.
  • Collaboration – Our work depends on cooperation between multiple departments.
  • Inclusion – Our work includes all students and impacts beyond the first year.
  • Drive – Our work challenges everyone to reach for more.