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Below is a list of frequently asked questions. Have other questions? We want to hear from you! Contact or call 865-974-3523.

What is First-Year Studies 100?
This online course is completed by all first-year students. Students will prepare themselves to understand Volunteer mindset which includes their academic, personal, community, and social responsibilities. FYS 100 also includes Life of the Mind, UT’s common reader program. Students participate in this thought-provoking program as their first academic experience.

Do I have to take FYS 100?
Yes. As part of the university’s expectations for its highly qualified entering class, all freshmen are required to take FYS 100, and your engagement with the course speaks to the quality of student you are upon entry to the university.

What if I am in the Honors Program? Do I have to take FYS 100?
Yes. All students are required to take and complete FYS 100. The Honors College may have additional first-year course requirements for you once you arrive on campus.

What if I am an athlete? Do I have to take FYS 100?
Yes. All students are required to take and complete FYS 100. The team at the Thornton Center can assist you with any practice related conflicts.

How do I register for FYS 100?
You will register for FYS 100 at orientation. If you forget, keep in mind that all students will be registered for this class just prior to the add/drop period by our office.

Do not drop this course. If you drop FYS 100 after the drop/add period is over, it will become a W (Withdraw) on your transcript. You are only allowed four Ws during your entire undergraduate career; so do not waste one on this course! Read more about the university’s withdraw policy.

When should I access this course?
Although you will register at your orientation, please keep in mind that you have access to complete the course through Canvas starting on June 1st. Please note all assignments and components of this course are due on October 1st, so we strongly encourage you to access it early.

How is FYS 100 graded?
FYS 100 is graded either as Satisfactory (S) or No Credit (NC). It appears as the first grade on your transcript and reflects the first academic effort at the university. To earn an S, you must complete all activities as detailed in the FYS 100 Syllabus.

Other than the fact that the NC (No Credit) will be on my transcript forever, why is it so important to participate in FYS 100?
Our highly qualified student body is motivated and excited to participate in UT’s academic community. Attending the university is optional (while high school is required by law), and as such there are certain expectations for you if you choose to continue with higher education. Participating in FYS 100 is a smart move because it gives you a taste of what’s to come in the rest of your university career.

Here’s something else to think about. Research clearly demonstrates that a lack of student engagement in the first year typically results in failure to progress and be successful on a number of levels, everything from completing a degree to finding employment. Engaging in FYS 100 sets a promising tone for other choices you will have to make throughout your academic career (should I complete the paper, should I go to class, should I become absorbed in Facebook or go take a walk, etc.), so to be successful at UT and in life, it’s best to adopt an attitude of engagement from the start.

What do I do if I have troubles?
Contact the First-Year Studies department by sending an email to or by calling the main office at 865-974-3523. This same team of people in the FYS department can help you whenever you have technology issues.

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